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Specific maintenance methods for molecular sieve of industrial oxygen generator

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Specific maintenance methods for molecular sieve of industrial oxygen generator

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The specific surface area of the molecular sieve of the industrial oxygen generator is large, 300-1000 ㎡ / g, and the inner crystal surface is highly polarized. It is an efficient adsorbent and solid acid. The high surface acid concentration and acid strength of the industrial oxygen generator will cause the positive carbon ion catalytic reaction. When the metal ions in the composition interact with other ions in the solution, the pore size can be adjusted, the adsorption and catalytic properties can be changed, so as to prepare zeolite catalysts with different functions.

The industrial oxygen generator needs to be protected and maintained after a period of operation (three months is appropriate). All we can do is clean and heat the equipment, except that the manufacturer needs to sample and test the particles of the purifier on a timely basis. In order to remove dry ice, water, hydrocarbons and other dust particles and debris.

According to the specific situation of the industrial oxygen generator, the method of blowing can be used in stages or as a whole. Overall cleaning and purging method: no one-step purging is required, for example, timely protection and maintenance only need to close the expander, release the upper and lower column liquid levels, heat the nitrogen generator (fractionator part) with compressed air, and then heat the nitrogen generator with compressed air. When the temperature is above 0 ℃, investigate whether there are sundries or water in the external exhaust muffler. If not, open it directly.

The characteristic of oxygen generator is that it can directly increase the arterial oxygen content by oxygen inhalation, rather than indirectly improve the hypoxia by acting on a certain part of the body, but it can only increase the oxygen that the body has been continuously ingesting all its life. There are no unfamiliar, adaptable and analytical substances for the body, so it is only to improve rather than change the natural physiological state and biochemical environment of the body. Low flow oxygen therapy and oxygen health care do not need special guidance effect quickly and definitely beneficial and harmless, oxygen therapy has the effect of timely relieving hypoxia symptoms, but only partial and gradual effect on eliminating the causes of hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is the main method to correct physiological hypoxia and environmental hypoxia and prevent and treat diseases caused by environmental hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is an important auxiliary means to correct pathological hypoxia. For emergency rescue, oxygen therapy is one of the important means.

Industrial oxygen generator

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