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Calculation formula of plateau oxygen generator

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Calculation formula of plateau oxygen generator

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The plateau oxygen generator is installed outdoors, and fresh oxygen is continuously delivered to the indoor room after startup. The 18m2 bedroom uses 20L split oxygen generator (output 20L of oxygen per minute, i.e. output 1.2m3 of oxygen per hour, i.e. output 90L of oxygen per minute). The oxygen concentration per hour can be increased by 2 percentage points (use 10L of oxygen to increase 1%), and oxygen can be supplemented without wearing oxygen pipe. The room There is no noise inside. It can effectively solve the hypoxia hazards after the floor heating room and the household central air conditioning (model without fresh air system) room are closed (hypoxia during sleep after closing the window at night is very easy to induce asthma, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, myocardial infarction and other major diseases). The machine can preset the maximum indoor oxygen concentration (25% for plain, 29% for plateau) and the minimum indoor oxygen concentration (23% for plain, 27% for plateau) for automatic operation. Luxury houses, villas, steam rooms and sauna rooms should be installed before decoration (the oxygen pipeline needs to be embedded).

Calculation formula: take 20L split oxygen generator (oxygen flow 1.2m3 / h) as an example, when it is started for one hour, the oxygen concentration in the room with a floor height of 3M and an area of 18m2 rises from 21% to 23%

Indoor oxygen concentration after 1 hour of starting up = oxygen concentration before starting up + increased oxygen concentration

=21% + (oxygen flow × oxygen concentration × startup time ÷ room area ÷ room height)

= 21% +(1.2×90%×1÷18÷3)

= 21% + 2%

= 23%

Product Description:

1. The main engine of the oxygen generator is installed outdoors, and the indoor oxygen is quiet without noise;

2. The main engine is installed outdoors, collecting outdoor fresh air as raw material to ensure sufficient oxygen source and fresh oxygen;

3. The indoor oxygen distribution is flexible and diverse, which can be customized according to the actual needs of customers;

4. It can be directly used to supplement oxygen to the room, which can meet the needs of multiple people using at the same time, and one machine can be shared by the whole family;

5. Large oxygen flow, low cost, no need to add any raw materials, only electricity;

6. Remote control operation, simple and flexible, low-pressure gas path, safe and reliable, continuous oxygen supply, long-term benefits;

7. It has the function of timing shutdown and anion refreshing;

The characteristic of oxygen generator is that it can directly increase the arterial oxygen content by oxygen inhalation, rather than indirectly improve the hypoxia by acting on a certain part of the body, but it can only increase the oxygen that the body has been continuously ingesting all its life. There are no unfamiliar, adaptable and analytical substances for the body, so it is only to improve rather than change the natural physiological state and biochemical environment of the body. Low flow oxygen therapy and oxygen health care do not need special guidance effect quickly and definitely beneficial and harmless, oxygen therapy has the effect of timely relieving hypoxia symptoms, but only partial and gradual effect on eliminating the causes of hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is the main method to correct physiological hypoxia and environmental hypoxia and prevent and treat diseases caused by environmental hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is an important auxiliary means to correct pathological hypoxia. For emergency rescue, oxygen therapy is one of the important means.

Plateau oxygen generator

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