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Is there any harm to plateau oxygen generator

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Is there any harm to plateau oxygen generator

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Is there any harm to plateau oxygen generator? Plateau oxygen generator is not harmful, but beneficial. It is dangerous not to use plateau oxygen generator.

In the case of lack of oxygen, people can still do it in a short time. If the time is long, the body will inevitably be damaged. And if you have a disease (chronic high altitude reaction, high altitude polycythemia, high altitude blood pressure abnormality, high altitude heart disease, etc.), it will not change because you return to the normal environment, that is to say, you will never get a better disease. So: Plateau oxygen generator manufacturers remind you to pay attention to the harm of plateau hypoxia!

Is there any harm of oxygen generator in Plateau

1. If you go to the plateau in a short time (travel to visit relatives), you can buy an oxygen generator for plateau for about 10 days, basically meeting the requirements. It is basically harmless. Some people go to the plateau for a short distance without even using the oxygen generator, because after all, the time is short, and they gradually recover when they return to the mainland.

2. If you go to the plateau for a long time, you must use the plateau oxygen generator. Otherwise, it will gradually suffer from altitude sickness. Oxygen generator is to simulate the normal environment, there is no harm to the plateau with oxygen generator!

The characteristic of oxygen generator is that it can directly increase the arterial oxygen content by oxygen inhalation, rather than indirectly improve the hypoxia by acting on a certain part of the body, but it can only increase the oxygen that the body has been continuously ingesting all its life. There are no unfamiliar, adaptable and analytical substances for the body, so it is only to improve rather than change the natural physiological state and biochemical environment of the body. Low flow oxygen therapy and oxygen health care do not need special guidance effect quickly and definitely beneficial and harmless, oxygen therapy has the effect of timely relieving hypoxia symptoms, but only partial and gradual effect on eliminating the causes of hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is the main method to correct physiological hypoxia and environmental hypoxia and prevent and treat diseases caused by environmental hypoxia. Oxygen therapy is an important auxiliary means to correct pathological hypoxia. For emergency rescue, oxygen therapy is one of the important means.

Plateau oxygen generator

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