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How to choose plateau oxygen machine

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How to choose plateau oxygen machine

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With the improvement of living standards, people are more and more willing to invest in their own health. The oxygen generator with the effect of "oxygen therapy" is widely used in various medical institutions and sanatoriums, which can be widely used in the treatment of respiratory system diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and now it has entered the homes of ordinary people, so that users can enjoy the benefits of oxygen therapy at home. However, there are many users who have limited knowledge of the oxygen generator and don't know how to choose the plateau oxygen generator. Don't worry! You will know after reading this article.

Oxygen making technology

Technically speaking, there are three kinds of oxygen making technologies: molecular sieve principle, chemical reaction oxygen making principle and polymer oxygen enriched membrane principle. The molecular sieve technology is the only mature technical means at present, and it is also the recognized oxygen making method in international standards and national standards. Therefore, in terms of technology selection, we'd better choose molecular sieve oxygen making machine to ensure our oxygen absorption safety 。 Moreover, the oxygen concentration of this method is pure and its service life is longer.


The compressor of the oxygen generator is divided into oil and oil-free. The oil compressor is easy to cause pollution in the process of oxygen production and cause physical injury to oxygen users. The oil-free compressor not only does not cause pollution, but also has the advantages of efficient operation, good heat dissipation and low noise. At present, there are high-quality compressor oxygen machine brands: Zhonglei, Omron Omron, yuwell Yuyue, etc.

Oxygen concentration standard

The most important point of choosing plateau oxygen generator is the oxygen concentration. A high-quality plateau oxygen generator should have a stable oxygen concentration of more than 90%, which can bring users more comfortable oxygen absorption experience.

Filtration system

In the process of oxygen inhalation, if users inhale gases that do not meet the standards, they will bring certain harm to the respiratory system, and even cause other diseases. Therefore, when choosing plateau oxygen generator, they must pay attention to the gas filtration system to ensure the oxygen purity of the oxygen generator, which can effectively avoid the inhalation of harmful substances.

Relevant certification

When purchasing the oxygen generator, it is necessary to check whether the product has the registration certificate of the medical device. Some of the rated labels and instructions of the oxygen generator do not contain the registration information of the medical device, which is in violation of the relevant regulations. If you buy this product, the product quality and safety are difficult to be guaranteed. In addition, you need to pay attention to the oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator, whether there is accurate oxygen concentration monitoring and good oxygen concentration monitoring After sales service, etc.

To say the brand of plateau oxygen generator, Zhonglei can be regarded as one of the top brands of oxygen generator in the United States. The M9 series of Zhonglei oxygen generator is the benchmark of health and medical industry, and has won three patents. It is equipped with four tower molecular sieve IMR oxygen production system imported from France, honeycomb channel noise reduction technology, and stable compressor, so that the oxygen supply is uninterrupted, and the oxygen production concentration is up to 93% ± 3%, which can bring you healthy oxygen therapy effect.

Plateau oxygen generator

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