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In fact, plants can also be used as plateau oxygen generators

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In fact, plants can also be used as plateau oxygen generators

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Flower cultivation is not only for ornamental value. More often, these potted plants silently provide us with oxygen, purify our living environment, and many green plants have unique properties, such as those that can vacuume and smoke second-hand smoke, so it's better to understand the following green plants that can be used as plateau oxygen generator.

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe leaves are plump and fleshy. Aloe is very drought resistant. It's good to water it thoroughly at ordinary times. If you water more, it's easy to cause aloe to rot. aloe has a strong nature, strong nature and poor tolerance. It's OK to apply fertilizer twice a month in the growing season. Aloe vera can be placed on the table or windowsill at will, which is very suitable. If indoor pollution is serious, there will be dark brown spots on aloe leaves. Of course, there is no need to worry. Just put a few more pots of Aloe Vera to purify the air, and slowly return to normal.

2. Chlorophytum

Chlorophytum is a very common indoor ornamental green plant. Its leaves are long and narrow, green and green. There are small plants hanging down very well. Chlorophytum is more drought resistant and shade tolerant. Even in the indoor half shade environment, it can grow well. Of course, it can not be too shaded. It is best to put it in a place with bright light or light sooner or later.

3. Ivy

Every time relatives and friends come home, smoking is indispensable, and second-hand smoke is more harmful, so ivy is a good choice of plateau oxygen generator. Ivy has a better purification effect on smoke, and it can absorb and convert harmful substances such as nicotine in the smoke into non-toxic organic substances. It can not only beautify the environment, but also purify the air Outstanding.

4. tiger skin orchid

Hupi LAN is one of the few plateau oxygen generators. It is strong and easy to keep. It can be placed in the living room or office. Hupi LAN has a good absorption effect on formaldehyde. It can also absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Moreover, Hupi LAN can also absorb carbon dioxide at night, so it is more suitable for maintenance in the bedroom.

Plateau oxygen generator

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