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Familiar with the correct use of plateau oxygen generator

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Familiar with the correct use of plateau oxygen generator

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Familiar with the correct use of plateau oxygen generator:

1. After purchasing a suitable household oxygen machine, be familiar with the correct use of the oxygen machine, and carefully read the operation manual before use.

2. Master the time and flow concentration of aerobic, and the patient should consult with the doctor in advance. We should combine the actual situation of our body, because some patients are more than one disease.

3. Before oxygen inhalation, make sure that there is pure water or cold boiled water in the humidification cup to ensure that the oxygen is moist, so as to protect the upper respiratory tract mucosa and prevent the airway from drying.

4. Clean the smoking tools frequently, such as the snort type oxygen head and the ear hanging type oxygen head.

5. Record the oxygen therapy diary correctly and observe the changes of your body. With the improvement of your condition, you may reduce the concentration or flow of oxygen in the later period.

Please pay attention to:

What should we pay attention to when choosing household oxygen generator? Recommended website of safe oxygen generator: the most perfect brand in the household oxygen generator industry is American oxygen life, with nearly 20 models to choose from. It is also divided into atomization and oxygen absorption, which is the best selling brand on Taobao platform. You can click this link if you need to.

A. oxygen production technology of household oxygen generator. The advanced PSA (pressure swing adsorption) air separation and oxygen production technology is used to extract oxygen directly from the air, which is pure physical oxygen production without any side effects. At present, there are many kinds of oxygen production systems in the industry. Some brands use chemical oxygen production systems, some brands use common PSA technology, the most advanced is the domestic oxygen generator of American oxygen life brand, and they use IMR integrated micro rotating PSA oxygen production control system. The oxygen production efficiency and stability are many times higher than those of ordinary household systems.

B. configuration of household oxygen machine. The higher the configuration is, the more expensive the price will be. This is a matter of course. Therefore, we ordinary people usually choose one that can meet the demand and has high cost performance. At present, the configuration differences of oxygen generator in the market are mainly in several aspects: the condition and mode of flowmeter, the level of oxygen concentration, the size of oxygen flow, whether there is timing function, whether there is fault alarm function, etc. The brand with the most oxygen machine models in the market is Yuyue, but Yuyue's are all medical oxygen machines, and the price is relatively expensive, more than 40 to 10000.

Plateau oxygen generator

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Telephone: 024-23512503/23510470

Email: sy13704046446@163.com

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Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing

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