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Present situation of medical oxygen generator

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Present situation of medical oxygen generator

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At present, the oxygen supply in medical institutions basically adopts centralized oxygen supply, which can be divided into three ways according to the different oxygen sources: centralized oxygen supply by bottle oxygen through oxygen manifold decompression, centralized oxygen supply by liquid oxygen storage tank through liquid oxygen vaporizer vaporization, decompression and stabilization, and continuous oxygen supply after medical oxygen production by PSA. The application of this technology in China began in the late 1980s and developed rapidly in the 1990s. In order to prevent the shutdown of oxygen production equipment, the standby oxygen in medical institutions is the bottled medical oxygen produced by the oxygen factory. Through the automatic conversion console of oxygen supply, the conversion of oxygen supply system can be realized, forming a set of standby oxygen supply system.

Medical oxygen generator can be divided into two categories according to its intended use: one is composed of oxygen generator, air compressor, cold dryer, pressure stabilizing tank, control system, etc., which is mainly used to provide medical oxygen source for central oxygen supply system of medical units, or large-scale medical molecular sieve oxygen generator which is matched with high-pressure oxygen tank to provide oxygen source for high-pressure oxygen tank; the other is due to molecular sieve suction It is mainly used by medical units or families for oxygen supply and health care or auxiliary treatment (not suitable for operation, first aid and critical patients).

The oxygen produced by molecular sieve oxygen making equipment in medical institutions is used as the oxygen source for centralized oxygen supply, and its oxygen terminal (oxygen output port) passes through various departments of the hospital, such as outpatient emergency room, emergency room, general ward, ward emergency room, ICU ward, CCU ward, sterile operation room and so on. According to the characteristics of clinical use, the oxygen produced by molecular sieve oxygen making equipment can be divided into anesthesia machine, ventilator, ICU ward oxygen, hyperbaric oxygen chamber oxygen and ordinary ward oxygen.

Anesthesia machine, ventilator and ICU room oxygen supply time and pressure requirements are relatively strict, the oxygen content can be adjusted between 21% - 90%. In addition, the medical industry standard YY 0042-2007 "high frequency jet ventilator" stipulates that the maximum oxygen concentration of the ventilator reaches 85%, which meets the relevant requirements of the standard. The characteristics of hyperbaric oxygen cabin are large instantaneous oxygen consumption and high oxygen pressure. According to the pressurization medium, it can be divided into: (1) air pressurization Cabin: multi person treatment cabin with more than 4 people and more than 10 people, as well as operation cabin and excess cabin. The oxygen concentration in the air ballast tank is limited to less than 25%. (2) oxygen pressurization Cabin: generally, it is a treatment cabin for two or one person. Infant oxygen cabin also belongs to this category. The oxygen concentration in the cabin is generally higher than 80% in the treatment of oxygen plus ballast.

At present, there are not only liquid bottled oxygen but also molecular sieve oxygen making equipment to provide oxygen source for hyperbaric oxygen cabin in medical institutions. There is no definite limitation on the use of different oxygen production methods in hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

Oxygen consumption in general ward refers to oxygen absorption under normal pressure. Atmospheric oxygen can increase the saturation of blood oxygen. When the patient is difficult to breathe because of the heart, lung or central nervous system, which leads to the abnormal oxygen saturation of blood, the normal pressure oxygen treatment is usually carried out, and the effect is obvious. The oxygen concentration of atmospheric oxygen inhalation is generally controlled at 24% - 35%.

At present, it is common to use the medical molecular sieve oxygen making equipment to make clinical oxygen, and it reflects that there is no substantive difference between the oxygen made by the molecular sieve oxygen making principle and the liquid bottled oxygen in clinical use. In fact, the research of medical institutions and scientific research institutions in the UK, Canada and the United States shows that 93% of medical oxygen produced by molecular sieve oxygen making equipment has no different requirements in clinical use compared with traditional medical oxygen bottles or liquid oxygen, and has the same quality for patients' treatment.

Medical oxygen generator

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