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How to choose medical oxygen generator

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How to choose medical oxygen generator

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At present, the oxygen generators in the market are mainly divided into health care and medical devices. Although the principles of the two oxygen generators are basically the same, there are many brands, different quality and different functions.

In the process of using oxygen generator, the oxygen concentration must reach more than 90% of China's top ten brands of oxygen generator. Such long-term oxygen therapy can really play a role in assisting oxygen therapy. If the oxygen concentration is lower than 82%, it will reduce the patient's treatment effect, or even have no effect.

So, what should we pay attention to when medical oxygen generator manufacturers introduce the purchase of oxygen generator?

Core component - molecular sieve

The quality of the molecular sieve directly determines the concavity and convexity of the oxygen concentration. The better the function of the molecular sieve is, the higher and stable the oxygen concentration will be.

The durability of the molecular sieve needs to be verified by rigorous tests, and it has internal multistage filtration and outstanding heat dissipation layout, so as to extend the service life of the molecular sieve.

Safe and easy to operate

Real time display function of oxygen concentration: display and monitor the change of oxygen concentration in real time, and let users know whether the oxygen concentration has been kept above 90% at any time through the visual LCD screen.

Warm oxygen function: equipped with headset heater, heating 5-15 ℃ oxygen to 20-35 ℃ before oxygen industrial oxygen generator, to prevent patients from inhaling cold air to affect the respiratory tract. Together, the built-in environment temperature sensor and heating sensor ensure the safety of goods.

Three fault alarms: pressure alarm, temperature alarm and power-off alarm to ensure the user's safe oxygen absorption.

Low noise of the whole machine: the long-term operation of the oxygen generator can affect the normal work and rest of oneself and others, so it is necessary to select the oxygen generator with low noise, and the noise level should be less than 45dB.

Humanized planning: simple operation (better with long-distance remote control), fast movement.

Medical oxygen generator

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