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Routine maintenance and precautions of industrial oxygen generator

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Routine maintenance and precautions of industrial oxygen generator

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When the industrial oxygen generator is bought back, many customers have ignored the maintenance and care of the oxygen generator, and only use it as a common household appliance of PSA nitrogen generator. As long as the machine is not broken, and does not go to maintenance, do not observe some subtle changes in the oxygen generator. I don't know that you are not responsible for yourself. Once the oxygen generator breaks down, your health will not be guaranteed. Here, I remind customers to value the oxygen generator, because the price of the nitrogen generator is always concerned about your "artificial lung". If the lung is not clean, how can we breathe?

For general daily maintenance, we suggest:

First of all, cut off the power supply of the oxygen generator to ensure personal safety. Then screw out the humidification bottle and pull out the oxygen absorption pipe and connecting pipe. Finally, take the next filter cotton

1. Clean the external body of the oxygen generator. (the fuselage shall be cleaned at least once a month)

Use a cloth soaked in disinfectant, wring it out and wipe it from top to bottom. In particular, the location of the bottle and the primary filter cotton of the humidified PSA oxygen plant shall be wiped carefully without dust and stains. At the same time, pay attention to the moisture on the dishcloth not to penetrate into the gaps of the machine.

2. Clean the humidification bottle

Special attention should be paid to the cleaning of the humidification bottle. For example, if there is water stain in the bottle mouth, it should be soaked with edible acid liquid such as white vinegar, which is both sanitary and safe. Try to avoid using metal tools to deal with scale. If you don't pay attention to it, the humidification bottle will leak and lose its function. (cleaning cycle depends on the situation)

3. Clean the primary filter cotton

Most oxygen generators are equipped with primary filter cotton. As there is much dust on the filter cotton, it can be rubbed and swabbed in clear water for several times, and then washed with soap. After cleaning, it can be dried in the shade and reused. (it's better not to expose to the sun, or the sponge will be easily deformed. Cleaning cycle is once a week)

4. Clean the oxygen pipe

As for the oxygen pipe, we should disinfect it with diluted medical alcohol after using it every day. Then cover it with clean paper towels, etc. to avoid dust pollution.

In daily use, we should also pay attention to: do not turn on and off the oxygen generator repeatedly, which is very easy to damage the compressor. If there are children at home, we should pay attention! In summer, the purified water in the humidification bottle should be changed every day to avoid water deterioration. If the oxygen generator is not used for a long time, cover it and store it in a cool and ventilated place. In summer, power on the oxygen generator from time to time so that the circuit of the oxygen generator is not damaged by moisture!

Industrial oxygen generator

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