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Characteristics and application of industrial oxygen generator

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Characteristics and application of industrial oxygen generator

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We are all familiar with oxygen, but we may be confused about how to use it. Today, the manufacturer of industrial oxygen generator will give you a brief introduction of some relevant knowledge about oxygen generator.

At present, there are three kinds of household oxygen equipment on the market: oxygen stand, oxygen bottle and oxygen generator. Oxylide is a chemical oxygen making device. It is a chemical reaction device that produces oxygen under the brand of oxygen making machine. It's simple but produces less oxygen. It's very troublesome if you take a lot of oxygen. The problem that the oxygen bottle is facing now is the difficulty of filling oxygen in the later period, so the utilization rate is not very high. Now, what is gradually accepted by the general public is to use a simple and convenient oxygen generator. Oxygen generator is physical oxygen production. According to the different density of oxygen and nitrogen in the atmosphere, the oxygen generator uses molecular sieve to separate nitrogen and oxygen, and then discharges nitrogen into the air through the primary filter screen to collect oxygen. After pressure humidification, oxygen is discharged and supplied to the patient for inhalation. Therefore, the oxygen produced by the oxygen making mechanism is the oxygen in the air around us at ordinary times, which will be more safe and not dangerous. Now on the market to buy a better brand of oxygen machine are Yuyue, turtle, Yingweikang and so on, not only beautiful appearance and small size and light weight, placed in the living room bedroom will not occupy land and affect the overall pattern effect.

Oxygen generator has a wide range of uses, which can be used for brain blood supply shortage, chest tightness and hypoxia, respiratory failure, sleep and snoring leading to respiratory pause, etc. in combination with the use of ventilator. In addition to the health care of pregnant women, oxygen generator can also relieve the pressure of students with high work pressure and clinical examination.

When the industrial oxygen generator is bought back, many customers have ignored the maintenance and care of the oxygen generator, and only use it as a common household appliance of PSA nitrogen generator. As long as the machine is not broken, and does not go to maintenance, do not observe some subtle changes in the oxygen generator. I don't know that you are not responsible for yourself. Once the oxygen generator breaks down, your health will not be guaranteed. Here, I remind customers to value the oxygen generator, because the price of the nitrogen generator is always concerned about your "artificial lung". If the lung is not clean, how can we breathe?

Industrial oxygen generator

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