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Analysis on the fire prevention plan of medical oxygen generator

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Analysis on the fire prevention plan of medical oxygen generator

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Based on the discussion of the principle and fire safety of medical oxygen making skills in hospitals at that time, and the current situation that the relevant rules and regulations of the national standard for fire fighting skills of nitrogen making machine price are relatively lagging behind, this paper puts forward the views on the supply system of medical oxygen making machine at that time in ensuring the fire safety and reasonable design.

Medical oxygen production and fire control planning

In view of this, the author discusses how to ensure the fire safety and reasonably set up the medical oxygen supply system in the hospital's oxygen making equipment from the perspective of fire prevention plann

At present, the method of hospital power supply modern medical oxygen supply selection will gather oxygen supply, oxygen bottles directly into the ward or operating room PSA oxygen device method has been gradually screened. Now the combined oxygen supply is divided into the following three types: the high-pressure oxygen cylinder group, the oxygen manifold, the liquid oxygen storage tank, the liquid oxygen vaporizer, the pressure reduction and the pressure stabilization. The combined oxygen supply is used to produce medical oxygen from the PSA oxygen production equipment, and the oxygen supply is directly connected.

The oxygen source of the first two oxygen supply methods is mainly produced by professional manufacturers and hospitals by using the low-temperature air separation method as a whole, providing for hospital use. The third kind of oxygen is currently used. The raw material of oxygen production is inexhaustible air, which is generally operated at room temperature and low pressure. The technology is simple, small in size, convenient in supply, protection and convenience. Once the accident happens, the air source can be blocked only by stopping the operation of the equipment. It overcomes the defects and hidden interests of bottled oxygen and liquid oxygen. It has relatively high safety and is favored by the hospital.

The fire risk oxygen used in medical equipment and construction is combustion supporting gas. Its primary performance is its strong oxidization, which will make the combustibles, especially oil and other hydrocarbons, self ignite. Under certain conditions, it will also cause the burning of metals. Therefore, the fire risk category of its production and storage is class B. the oxygen stored in steel Yao and the combustible gases such as block B, hydrogen, methane, etc. are certain The fraction mixture can be explosive mixture, which can make the oil oxidize violently and cause the burning explosion. The traditional low-temperature oxygen production process is complex, and the equipment is complex. If it is carried out under the condition of low temperature and high pressure, a lot of heat will be released. The poor cooling will constitute the improper operation in the production process of the fire source, and it is easy to cause fire and explosion due to the sparks or the fast burning of the fire source. The oxygen cylinder and liquid storage tank are all pressure vessels. Once the cage is discharged, it is easy to cause explosion, especially when the high-pressure oxygen flow encounters grease, organic matters, etc.

Relevant rules of the current standard the current fire fighting skill standard of our country does not make specific rules for the civil medical construction of oxygen making equipment. The standard for the planning of oxygen station is applicable to the planning of industrial low temperature air separate from oxygen making equipment. In the standard for the planning of high-rise civil construction of oxygen making equipment, the article only makes a brief rule for the liquid oxygen storage tank room. When the total capacity does not exceed, the storage tank room can One side is adjacent to the external wall of the high-rise building, but it should be separated by firewalls, and it should be set up to go out directly to the outside. "To sum up the hospital construction planning standard, the first rule is that" oxygen supply room should be built outside the main wall, and should be away from power, fire and flammable and explosive sources ". The rule is not clear.

Discussion on the construction of fire prevention plan in the medical classification and installation; the construction of oxygen production under the jurisdiction of medical institutions mainly includes oxygen production equipment room and oxygen storage room. Due to the requirements of oxygen production technology and oxygen storage system of medical institution base, as well as the serious and compact construction of modern urban land, the construction of medical oxygen production is generally close to the construction of medical main body, which is completely performed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the current standard of fire fighting skills, unable to meet the requirements. At present, most of the medical oxygen production and storage are liquid oxygen, most of the technology is low pressure, and the general pressure is one foot. Therefore, the author believes that the construction of the medical oxygen production and installation face should satisfy the requirements of the existing standard open reef, and the following requirements: the fire risk of oxygen belongs to class B, which is stored in the steel tank. When determining the liquid oxygen interval, the oxygen tank can be regarded as the first and second class fire resistance rating construction. The tank volume shall be calculated according to the standard gas oxygen of the liquid oxygen composition tank, and then the fire protection interval between the tank and the building, the tank and the storage yard shall be carried out according to the rules of article of the building regulations. If a plant has a Jiading liquid oxygen storage tank, it is converted into "gas oxygen". Now, it shall be performed according to the fire prevention interval in the third file of this standard, and other analogies, and the interval principle with other buildings shall be considered according to the fire prevention interval between plants. With the civil construction, class A, B and C liquid storage tanks, and the fire separation of combustible material storage yard, the mutual influence and the demand of fire recovery should be considered first. When the oxygen production equipment room and oxygen storage tank room are not built underground or semi underground and the bottom floor of medical building is built alone, if they are adjacent to other buildings, firewalls shall be used for separation, and the components on the roof shall be non incendiary with a fire resistance of no less than, and the doors shall be class a fire doors adjacent to adjacent rooms, which shall not be equipped with two frequently occupied rooms and oil and organic matters shall be stored A room with lots of combustibles.

The fire separation between the building and other buildings can be properly relaxed according to the current standards. The specific construction can be determined according to the structure and function of the surrounding buildings. If conditions permit, it can be built on the roof. Liquid oxygen storage capacity should not exceed.

The interval between the oxygen storage tank room and the oxygen making equipment room can be determined according to the relevant regulations of the current national standard "planning standard for gas station of group" and the technical requirements. The fire prevention interval between oxygen tanks shall not be less than the radius of the adjacent larger tanks, which is the demand of agricultural construction and maintenance in case of fire. The oxygen making equipment shall be set on the first floor or the first underground floor according to the requirements of gas fired boiler room. However, in addition to satisfying the requirements of high regulations for Pengqi boiler room, the capacity of single oxygen making machine shall be controlled within gross and the total capacity of oxygen making machine shall be controlled within gross Fire walls shall be used to separate the basement inside the T-shirt from the gas, oil fired boiler room and other flammable gas and liquid areas, and doors and windows shall not be opened on the wall to avoid the serious consequences of burning and blasting after mixing. The fire separation between the oxygen storage tank and the combustible gas storage tank should not be less than the diameter of the adjacent larger tank. The first consideration is the demand of endangering the oxygen storage tank and fire-fighting remedy when the explosion of the combustible gas storage tank occurs.

A safe and reliable air supply and exhaust system shall be set up between the storage tank, the oxygen production equipment and the oxygen transmission pipeline, as well as the lightning protection and anti-static grounding plate.

The interval between liquid oxygen storage tank and pump room should not be less than. When the liquid oxygen storage tank with total volume less than or equal to the resistance is set in the special independent building with the first and second fire resistance rating, the fire separation between the tank and the building should not be less than, which is common with the relevant rules of the current national standard oxygen station planning standard. The requirements for liquid oxygen storage tank in the high regulation can refer to the requirements for class C liquid storage tank. When the outer wall of buildings within one side of the storage tank is firewall or the outer wall of buildings within the side of the storage tank is firewall, the capacity of liquid oxygen storage tank shall be properly extended to one time.

It should be coordinated with the high-level planning. When the capacity of the hospital liquid oxygen storage tank does not exceed one, the storage tank or the storage tank room can be built adjacent to the high-rise building on one side. Considering the actual situation of hospitals and other units using oxygen, this article also makes rules when it is difficult to set up fire prevention intervals. As for the liquid oxygen stored at low temperature, it is relatively safe in practical use, so after taking reliable fire prevention measures, the relevant interval has been adjusted to a certain extent. For example, in the first rule of safety rules for the use of low temperature liquid storage and transportation equipment, when there is a fire partition wall higher than the container and fire-proof materials between the liquid oxygen container and other buildings, storage tanks and storage yards, the interval can be reduced to half of the standard value of the fire protection planning. However, liquid oxygen is a strong combustion supporting agent. Open fire shall be stopped around the liquid oxygen storage tank, all fire sources shall be eliminated, and obvious fire prohibition symbol shall be set. When the leaked liquid oxygen in the liquid oxygen storage is gasified and touched with combustible materials such as straw, wood, shavings, paper scraps and melted asphalt, the simple fire source will lead to more intense burning, resulting in the expansion of the fire, so there should be no combustible materials in a certain range around the rules.

To sum up, the economy, safety and standard coordination, scientificity and operability of the oxygen supply system of the hospital are summarized and considered. The relevant rules of the oxygen supply system of the hospital should be adjusted according to the construction rules and high regulations. The above measures are selected in the repair and construction, and strict management and operation rules are adopted in normal times to ensure the fire safety.

Medical oxygen generator

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