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Function introduction and application of industrial oxygen generator

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Function introduction and application of industrial oxygen generator

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I. operation principle of industrial oxygen generator

Chemical combustion supporting oxygen making equipment is an active equipment which takes zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, uses the principle of pressure adsorption, pressure reduction desorption to absorb and release oxygen from the air, and then separate oxygen. Zeolite molecular sieve is a kind of spherical industrial oxygen generator granular adsorbent with micropores on the surface and inside, which is processed by a special pore type treatment technology. It is white. The pore characteristics make it possible to complete the kinetic separation of oxygen and nitrogen. The separation effect of zeolite molecular sieve on oxygen and nitrogen is based on the small difference of the dynamic diameter of the two gases. Nitrogen molecules have a faster dispersion rate in the ten brands of oxygen generator in the micropores of zeolite molecular sieve, while oxygen molecules have a slower dispersion rate. The dispersion of water and carbon dioxide in the compressed air is similar to that of nitrogen. After all, oxygen molecules are enriched from the adsorption tower. PSA oxygen production just uses the selective adsorption characteristics of zeolite molecular sieve, selects the cycle cycle of pressurized adsorption and vacuum desorption to replace the compressed air into the adsorption tower oxygen generator, which brand is good to complete the air separation, and then successively produces high-purity commercial oxygen. PSA oxygen generator is based on the principle of PSA, using high-quality zeolite molecular sieve as adsorbent, under a certain pressure, to produce oxygen from the air. After purification of dry compressed air, pressure adsorption and desorption were carried out in the adsorber. Because of the aerodynamic effect, the dispersion rate of nitrogen in the pores of zeolite is much faster than that of oxygen. Nitrogen is preferentially adsorbed by zeolite, and oxygen is enriched in the gas phase to form product oxygen. Then, after decompression to atmospheric pressure, the adsorbent desorbs the adsorbed nitrogen and other impurities, and finally regenerates. Generally, two adsorption towers are set in the system, one for adsorption and oxygen generation, and the other for desorption and regeneration. The PLC program controller controls the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve to make the two towers replace the circulation, so as to finish the intention of continuous production of high-quality oxygen. The whole system consists of the following parts: compressed air purification component, air storage tank, oxygen nitrogen separation equipment, oxygen buffer tank.

II. Skill characteristics

1. The compressed air is equipped with air purification and dry treatment equipment, which is clean and dry, and is conducive to the long-term use of molecular sieve

2. The new pneumatic stop valve selected has fast opening and closing speed, no leakage and long switching life, which can meet the frequency application of PSA technology and high reliability

3. Perfect process planning and selection of new molecular sieve

4. Select the new oxygen production section, continuously optimize the equipment planning, reduce energy consumption and capital investment

5. Compact equipment structure planning and reduced floor space

6. The equipment performance is safe and stable, PLC control is selected, full active operation can be completed, and annual operation failure rate is low

III. system process

1. Compact air purification component

The compressed air supplied by the air compressor is mainly introduced into the compressed air purification component. The compressed air is first removed by the pipeline filter, and then further removed by the freeze-drying machine, refined filter, oil removal and dust removal, and then deeply purified by the ultra refined filter following. According to the working condition of the system, chenrui company has specially planned a set of compressed air oil remover to avoid possible tiny oil saturation and provide sufficient maintenance for molecular sieve. Strict planning of air purification components ensures the service life of molecular sieve. The clean air treated by this component can be used for external air.

2. Oxygen and nitrogen separation equipment

There are a and B adsorption towers equipped with special molecular sieves. When the clean compressed air enters the inlet end of tower a and moves through the molecular sieve to the outlet end, N2 is adsorbed by it, and the commercial oxygen flows out from the outlet end of the adsorption tower. After a period of time, the molecular sieve in tower a is fully adsorbed. At this time, tower a actively stops adsorption, and compressed air flows into Tower B for nitrogen absorption and oxygen generation, and regenerates the molecular sieve of tower a. The regeneration of molecular sieve is completed by rapidly dropping the adsorption tower to atmospheric pressure to remove the adsorbed nitrogen. The two towers are replaced for adsorption and regeneration, oxygen and nitrogen are separated after completion, and oxygen is output successively. All the above processes are controlled by PLC. When the setting value of oxygen purity at the outlet is large and small, PLC program effect, open the active vent valve, and vent the unqualified oxygen to ensure that the unqualified oxygen does not flow to the gas point. When the gas is vented, the silencer shall be used to reduce the noise to less than 75dBA.

3. Oxygen buffer tank

The oxygen buffer tank is used to balance the pressure and purity of oxygen separated from the nitrogen oxygen separation system, and ensure the safety and stability of the continuous supply of oxygen. Together, after the operation of the adsorption tower is switched over, it will recharge some of its own gas into the adsorption tower, on the one hand, it will help the pressure rise of the adsorption tower, on the other hand, it will also play a role in maintaining the bed layer, and it will play a very important technical auxiliary effect in the process of equipment operation

IV. skill indicators

Oxygen output value: 5-200nm3 / h oxygen purity: 90% - 93%

Oxygen pressure: 0.2-0.3mpa dew point: - 40 ℃ (under atmospheric pressure)

V. application field

EAF steelmaking: decarbonization, oxygen combustion heating, foam slag melting, metallurgical manipulation and post heating. Wastewater treatment: oxygen enriched aeration of activated sludge, water tank aeration and ozone sterilization. Glass melting: oxygen combustion and solubilization, cutting, adding glass output value, extending furnace life. Pulp bleaching and papermaking: chlorine bleaching is converted into oxygen enriched bleaching, providing cheap oxygen and sewage treatment. Smelting of non-ferrous metals: steel, zinc, nickel and lead need to be enriched with oxygen. PSA process is gradually replacing cryogenic process. Oxygen for petrochemical industry and chemical industry: in the process of petroleum and chemical industry, oxygen enrichment is selected to replace air for oxidation reaction, which can improve reaction speed and chemical commodity output value. Ore treatment: used in gold and other production processes, can improve the rate of precious metals. Aquaculture: oxygen enriched aeration can improve the dissolved oxygen in water, greatly improve the output value of fish, transport oxygen for living fish, intensive fish farming. For fermentation: rich oxygen replaces air to supply oxygen for aerobic fermentation, which can greatly improve the power of drinking water: supply oxygen to ozone generator, self oxygen sterilization.

Industrial oxygen generator

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