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What is the water added to the general industrial oxygen generator

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What is the water added to the general industrial oxygen generator

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The industrial oxygen generator adopts high-tech bipolar oxygen generation technology. The oxygen generation module in the instrument automatically selects the oxygen molecules in the air under normal pressure and ionizes them into negative oxygen ions. The negative oxygen ions are inhaled into the module by the positive gravity,

When the negative oxygen ion reaches the positive electrode, it releases electrons and reduces to oxygen. The purity of the negative oxygen ion can reach about 99%. After mixing air into the air pump to adjust the oxygen concentration and air output, the high concentration oxygen of about 30% - 99% can be obtained. It has completely reached the level of medical treatment. There is no doubt that the treatment and health care are moving forward. Every day, you can breathe oxygen and keep healthy every day.

Water in the concentrator:

1. Distilled water, if you can

2. Bottled water is the water of the water dispenser at home, that is, pure water.

3. The most important thing to do is to cool the boiled water.

Oxygen making mechanism: the water in the humidification cup of the oxygen machine is used to humidify the oxygen, so as not to make the respiratory tract too dry when the oxygen is sucked up. Generally, the water in the humidification bottle of the oxygen machine must be poured out after each use.

There are other considerations for home oxygen generators:

(1) if the primary and secondary filter cotton is used in the oxygen generator, it must be cleaned once every half a month and air dried naturally.

(2) the body shell of the oxygen generator shall be cleaned regularly.

(3) no sundries shall be placed at the bottom of the oxygen generator body, and the room shall be ventilated.

Oxygen making machine is a kind of machine for making oxygen. Its principle is to use air separation technology. Firstly, the air is compressed with high density, and then the different condensation points of various components in the air are used to separate the gas and liquid at a certain temperature, and then further distillation is carried out.

Using the adsorption property of molecular sieve and the physical principle, the nitrogen and oxygen in the air are separated by using the large displacement oil-free compressor as the power, and finally the high concentration oxygen is obtained. This type of oxygen generator produces oxygen rapidly and has high oxygen concentration. It is suitable for oxygen therapy and health care of various people.

Industrial oxygen generator

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