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What is an oxygen generator?

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What is an oxygen generator?

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What is an oxygen generator? As the name implies, it is a machine for making oxygen. Medical oxygen machine manufacturers take you to know more details!

Nowadays, there are many kinds of oxygen making machines on the market. Because of the different oxygen making principles, the use characteristics are different. According to the classification of oxygen making principle of oxygen making machine, it mainly includes: molecular sieve principle, polymer oxygen enriched membrane principle, electrolytic water principle, chemical reaction oxygen making principle and so on.

In the early days, the principle of oxygen production was chemical oxygen production, i.e. using chemical reagents to produce oxygen. Because this method can not supply oxygen continuously for a long time, and chemical reagents are expensive, the cost of oxygen production is high, so it was eliminated by the market. Molecular sieve oxygen generator takes air as raw material, only consumes electric energy, raw material is air, no cost, easy to take and use, not only has advantages over other principle oxygen generator, compared with liquid oxygen tank and cylinder oxygen, but also has advantages of convenient use, not affected by market oxygen price rise, transportation cost and other factors.

Molecular sieve oxygen generator is a mature one with international and national standards. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase molecular sieve based oxygen generator, especially for treatment.

The working principle of molecular sieve oxygen generator mainly uses the physical adsorption and desorption technology of molecular sieve.

Medical oxygen generator manufacturer

The oxygen generator is filled with molecular sieve, which can absorb nitrogen in the air when it is pressurized. The remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected and becomes high-purity oxygen after purification.

The adsorbed nitrogen is discharged back to the ambient air when the molecular sieve is depressurized, and then it can adsorb nitrogen and produce oxygen when it is pressurized next time. The whole process is a cyclic dynamic circulation process, and the molecular sieve does not consume.

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