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What are the characteristics of industrial oxygen generator?

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What are the characteristics of industrial oxygen generator?

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What are the characteristics of industrial oxygen generator? Industrial oxygen machine manufacturers take you to learn more!

1. Compact structure, small installation area and easy operation.

2. The equipment is fully automatic control, easy to start and stop, completely unattended.

3. The operation and maintenance cost of the equipment is very low.

4. The device has strong independence, good stability and high reliability.

5. The equipment has low energy consumption and low operation cost.

6. Armored structure, convenient installation and small floor area.

7. The unique process and adsorbent structure make the oxygen production rate and recovery rate of oxygen production equipment higher, and the energy saving effect is obvious.

8. From the top to the bottom of the air flow, with proprietary rate control, the external vibration of the tower is always static to ensure that the molecular sieve is free of powder or addition.

9. The air pretreatment system is equipped with devices such as water removal, oil removal, dust removal and voltage regulation Clean the air source to ensure the service life and adsorption efficiency of molecular sieve.

10. Modular design, single finger operation, simple maintenance, no need for special maintenance, automatic and reliable operation throughout the year.

11. The internal and external surfaces of pressure parts are sandblasted, rustproof and degreased, which greatly extends the service life of pneumatic components and test parts.

12. Suitable for customers with less oxygen.

Industrial oxygen generator manufacturer

13. Long operation time and small maintenance.

14. It is easy to operate and can be started and stopped at will.

15. The adsorption tower adopts the up air outlet mode of the upper air inlet. The air flow direction is the same as the gravity direction, which is used to compress the molecular sieve.

16. It has high degree of automation and can provide remote control and automatic start and stop equipment function.

17. Zeolite molecular sieve, pneumatic valve, programmable controller, solenoid valve and other key components are all equipped with imported products to ensure stable and reliable operation.

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Fax: 024-23512504

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Address: 12th floor,jizhi building,no.150 nanjing

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